Project Description


EMG R5500

Gasoline power generators with solid frames, equipped with an AVR card and larger tanks to increase autonomy. Excellent product for construction companies and craftsmen, in order to be able to have power at any time on site.

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Engine Stage v – 4stroke R390
Air cooled Yes
Displacement 389 cc
Starting system Recoil
Rated frequency 50 Hz
Rated voltage 230 V
Rated power 5.0 Kw
Max power 5.0 Kw
Fuel Gasoline
Dc output 12 V/8.3 A
Fuel tank capacity 25 L
Full load continuos running time 7 h
Noise (7m) 85 dB
Dimensions 720x550x580 mm
Weight 90 Kg
Trolley Included
Socket 1 x shuko
1 x 32 A ind. socket


  • Ready to use

  • Stage V motor

  • Excellent performance